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"You got games on your phone?" October 29 Gavel Meeting

Hey there, Gaveliers!

On October 29th we held our weekly Gavel Club meeting where the topic was “Games”. This included a variety of games including video games, board games, and gaming strategies.

Our Grammarian announced that the Word of the Day was “video games” which became the main focus of Table Topics.

During Table Topics, members were asked their preference in games and whether they preferred games with or without a competitive aspect. Other members were asked if they enjoy playing games that they’re not the best at, how they decide what games they want to play, and if they enjoy watching other people play games.

Our evaluator gave great and valuable feedback to those who participated in Table Topics, explaining what they did strongly and what they could improve upon for future meetings.

Our next regular meeting will be held on November 5th where we will be discussing “television shows”.

Stay tuned for more updates from our Gavel Club!

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