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Mayor Endorsement - City of Markham

Mayor Endorsement - City of Markham

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Jill Heinerth

“The Mysterious World of Underwater Caves” - Ted Talk 2016

Jill Heinerth.jpg

Toastmasters is something that I advise to every young person. I went to TM for a couple of years and found it to be incredibly helpful. Today I am a full time explorer but also have a speaking agent.

Professor Claudio Canizares

University of Waterloo Electrical and Computer Engineering

Prof Claudio Canizares.jpg

It seems like an interesting and relevant program to help our students develop and improve their communication skills, which is an important part of their education and training, and may be the differentiator when joining the workforce.

Stephanie Lam, PhD

Club Sponsor of University of Guelph Toastmasters

Stephanie Lam.jpg

Something I hear most from members is 'I wish I joined Toastmasters earlier'. I highly recommend any youth or students to join U+ Gavel Clubs because their mentorship and training will continue to produce great leaders for the future.

Caroline Cochrane

Honourable Premier

Caroline Cochrane.jpg

As a public official, I know the importance of being a confident public speaker, and I appreciate that the U+ Education Toastmasters Club provides future leaders with the opportunity to develop public speaking, communication, and leadership skills.”

Professor Lyndon Jone

University of Waterloo Optometry and Vision Science

Prof Lyndon Jone.jpg

Toastmasters is a great program for students to build leadership and confidence. Developing these skills can be a huge advantage for students when pursuing post-secondary education and professional achievements.

Ryan Bromley

Toastmasters Mentor

Ryan Bromley.jpg

I joined the U+ Gavel Club in a leadership position, and right from the start was welcomed with open arms. Not only was the leadership knowledgeable and excellent at working with me, but they were also passionate about the subject matter and the kids. As well, I was able to be given creative freedom to try new event ideas to further help and engage the kids.

Amparo Cifuentes

Sr. Executive Assistant

Amparo Cifuentes.jpg

I joined Toastmasters 10 years ago and I truly wish I could have joined earlier! You are lucky to have this opportunity through U+ Gavel Club to enjoy growing skills that are essential in life, in the most supportive and fun environment you get to create yourself along with other participants. Embrace this unique chance, you’ll be thrilled you did!

Kayla Morris

University of Waterloo

Kayla Morris

Toastmasters is an awesome opportunity to improve your speaking skills and overall improve your professionalism skills.

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