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Learn about the roles, opportunities for growth and guidelines at U+ Toastmasters


Beyond leadership opportunities at weekly meetings, members can run for an officer's position if they wish to take on additional club responsibilities. See below for a list of roles and duties!


Facilitates the meeting. Introduces participants with roles. Ensures everything runs smoothly.

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Table Topics Master

Challenges participants with impromptu speaking. Prepares questions beforehand and invites everyone to speak.

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Sergeant at Arms

Responsible for setting up the meeting, introducing members, and welcoming guests.

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General Evaluator

Provides positive and constructive feedback to all members. Ensures the club maintains high- quality meetings.

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Listens to all speakers and notes any grammar errors, including filler words such as "um" or "ah". Provides constructive feedback.


Monitors the time of speakers. Display differently coloured cards at times milestones to indicate how long they have spoken.


Notes vocabulary used by speakers. Selects words for meetings - challenges participants to use it in impromptu speaking.

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Curious about Toastmaster etiquette? By following these guidelines, members will guarantee a fruitful experience for everyone.

1. Refrain from using inappropriate language (both verbally and in the chat).

2. Refrain from talking over other members when they are speaking.

3. Refrain from excessive spamming in the chat.

4. Respect all members and listen actively to what is being shared.

5. Listen to the host and follow their guidance.

6. Keep and maintain a positive environment in the club.   

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in members being removed from the meeting in order to maintain an ideal environment.

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