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"Binge-worthy Series" November 5 Gavel Meeting

Welcome back Gaveliers!

This week's meeting was led by our Gavel Club president, Rishia, and the topic for this week was TV Shows and Anime. Our word for this meeting was “binge”. We kicked off our meeting with member introductions and the question: “What TV show have members binge-watched before?” Jokemasters started off the meeting with some funny jokes to engage all members!

The first Small Talker spoke about TV shows and what their favourites were. They also spoke about what genres they enjoyed such as action, adventure, comedy, and romance. Our second Small Talker spoke about how fast autumn has gone by and that they can’t believe the holiday season is already here!

Our Table Topics Master asked multiple engaging questions for our members to answer. Questions included: What is a certain thing about a TV show that drives you to watch them? What TV show does your family enjoy watching together? Do members like reality TV shows? Our General Evaluator gave insightful feedback about the speed of members' speeches, advice on when to take pauses when speaking, and when to wrap up speeches.

The meeting concluded with members picking their roles for next week's meeting which will be centered around the topic of “Food”. We have weekly meetings on Sundays, at 7:30-8:30 pm EST!

Stay tuned for weekly updates about our U+ Gavel Club and we will see Gaveliers on November 12th for our next meeting!

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