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"We Love the Earth!" November 24 Gavel Club Meeting

Hello, Gaveliers!

We held a meeting this week on November 26th, where our topic this week was Environment.  

One courageous individual took the stage to deliver their very first prepared speech and spoke about the importance of recycling. It was a fantastic speech with excellent facts and advice, including the benefits of recycling, and how to better protect our Earth. The audience listened attentively, showing their appreciation with applause after each speaker's presentation. Well done Gaveliers, for delivering excellent speeches!

During our Table Topics session, we dove into some meaningful conversations. Gaveliers explored questions about what environmental issues matter most to us, we brainstormed ways to tackle pollution, and we discussed why protecting our environment is crucial and what Earth might look like in a century if we fail to do just that. The Table Topics Master did an excellent job raising these important questions, emphasizing the significance of keeping our planet safe and the vital role a healthy environment plays. It was heartening to see members enthusiastically sharing their thoughts and opinions on the environmental challenges we face and brainstorming practical actions to safeguard our home.

Our evaluators offered fantastic and invaluable feedback to those who delivered speeches. They highlighted the strengths of their presentation and offered constructive suggestions, encouraging the improvement of elaboration skills for their future speeches.

Our next regular meeting will be held on December 3rd where we will be discussing Music.

Stay tuned for more updates from our Gavel Club!

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