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"Super Sports!" October 15 Gavel Meeting

Hello, Gaveliers!

We held a meeting this week on October 15th, where we had a few new members join us. Our topic this week was Sports.

Two courageous individuals took the stage to deliver their very first prepared speeches. One of them shared the healing power of laughter, while the other excitedly shared their enjoyable trip to Disneyland. The audience listened attentively, showing their appreciation with applause after each speaker's presentation. Well done Gaveliers for delivering excellent speeches!

In the Table Topics session, members were asked questions about their favourite sports, the athletes they admire, and sports they aren't interested in or don't play. The Table Topics Master inquired about the importance of playing and practicing sports in our daily lives with a set of intriguing sports-related trivia questions. Members enthusiastically shared their thoughts on their favourite sports and how these activities contribute to their well-being.

Our evaluators provided fantastic and valuable feedback to those who delivered their speeches. They highlighted the strengths in their presentations and offered constructive suggestions for improvement in their future speeches.

Our next regular meeting will be held on October 22nd, where we will be discussing Cartoons and Cartoon Characters

Stay tuned for more updates from our Gavel Club!

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