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"Crazy Cartoons!" October 22 Gavel Meeting

Hello Gaveliers!

Welcome back! During our meeting on October 22nd, 2023, we welcomed some new faces to our weekly Gavel Club gathering. The theme for this week's meeting was "Cartoons and Cartoon Characters."

During the meeting, we had two speakers deliver their very first speeches. Speaker 1 shared intriguing facts about Walt Disney and the company's history. Speaker 2 discussed the concept of success and also shared a quote from Henry Ford:

"Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

In our Table Topics session, Gaveliers engaged members by asking them about their favorite cartoon characters and shows. They also challenged members' knowledge with questions about the first popular cartoon character on TV, the first Disney cartoon, and the most famous comic books. Members eagerly shared their answers and guesses.

Our evaluators provided valuable feedback to those who presented their speeches, highlighting their strengths and offering suggestions for improvement in their future speeches.

Here are some jokes from our Joke Masters:

  • Why is Cinderella so bad at soccer?

  • Which Disney princess would make the best judge?

  • How does the ocean say “Hi”?

  • Why did the computers get sick?

Our next meeting is on October 29, 2023, where our topic will be Book Series such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Anne of Green Gables and so much more! If you are interested in joining, please check the Registration page.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and insights from our thriving Gavel Club!

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