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Welcome to 13-18 Gavel Club! September 24 Gavel Meeting

Our first Gavel Club meeting took place which was held by Rishia, our Gavel Club President, with four Gavel Club members in attendance.

Since it was our first meeting we started off by giving everyone an opportunity to introduce themselves. We learned our fellow Gaveliers’ names, current grade levels, hobbies, and where they would like to travel.

Our Gaveliers participated in a public speaking activity called “Alphabet Conversation”. This entails all members having a conversation but it must be in the order of the alphabet, starting at the letter A and finishing with the letter Z. This activity helped club members come out of their shells and get more comfortable with their peers.

Our first official meeting meant touching on housekeeping activities. This included assigning members within the meeting to club meeting roles. These meeting roles orient and create discussion for future meetings. Each meeting will also revolve around an assigned theme and, depending on their role, members will spark discussion and share speeches pertaining to the meeting’s theme. The meeting concluded by setting next week's theme as “Movies”.

Overall, this first Gavel Club meeting was amazing and allowed for members to get to know one another. Meetings will take place every Sunday, 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm. We look forward to meeting any new members next week!

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